Great Times in Bundaberg and Bargara

by | Oct 30, 2020

What do you look for in a holiday adventure?

You’ll find just about everything you need between Bundaberg and Bargara! Both are bustling Queensland towns with a touch of country charm but they offer different experiences to the interested traveller.

Here are some exciting attractions you can look out for on your next trip:


Lady Musgrave Island Snorkelling

The Lady Musgrave Experience gives you the perfect opportunity to witness the beauty and wonder of the Southern Great Barrier Reef up close. You depart from Bundaberg on a spacious new catamaran, head for the island and snorkel an amazing ocean landscape. A must see!


Bundaberg Botanic Gardens

Aside from an amazing collection of trees, shrubs and flowering plants, this destination allows you to enjoy the Hinkler Hall of Aviation, Fairymead House Sugar History Museum and the Bundaberg and District Historical Museum all in one fell swoop. History lovers will be fascinated by the exploits of aviator Bert Hinkler as well as the impact of the sugar industry on the region’s development.


Mon Repos Turtle Centre

If you love nature, this is an absolute must for your itinerary. Mon Repos hosts large concentrations of nesting marine turtles and loggerhead turtles. At various points in the season you can watch the mother turtles lay their eggs or watch the hatchlings break free and waddle to the ocean (from a safe distance, of course). It’s simply magical!


Bundaberg Rum Distillery

Learn all about the ingenuity that led to the development of one of the region’s most incredible brands, Bundaberg Rum. it continues to be made with the same traditional process they settled on in 1888 and uses only locally sourced inputs so it’s a true Bundaberg original.


Bundaberg Brewed Drinks

Speaking of celebrated regional brands, why not visit Bundaberg Brewed Drinks? The company started out as Electra Breweries but they’ve used their current name since 1995. Learn all about the company’s growth, their famous ginger beer and take a selfie in front of the Bundaberg Barrel to remember your trip!


Whether you’d prefer to stroll along the Burnett River in Bundy or you’re longing for a chance to explore the Southern Great Barrier Reef from Bargara, there’s an adventure waiting with your name on it!